The Year of 40 Race Schedule

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The "Year of 40" Race Numbers 39 & 40: ERS Championship 5K Relay and Jingle Jog 5K

ERS (Endurance Race Services) Championship 5K Relay

Now this was a unique but fun way to run. We partnered up and each ran a 5K, but we split it into halves. So, partner 1 started and ran 1.55 miles to the handoff, then partner 2 ran 1.55 miles back to the start line to meet back up with partner 1. Then it was repeated a second time with partner 2 completing the run at the finish line. It was a great time and a great way to have a fun yet competitive environment.

The evening finished up with race number 40 which put the final touch on my "Year of 40". My entire family walked it with me which made it really special and the perfect way to close things out since they had been so supportive of my endeavor all year long. I was super proud of all of them, especially since it was the first 5K for two of the kids.