The Year of 40 Race Schedule

Sunday, February 28, 2016

"The Year of 40" Race Number 5 Complete: Seacrest Partners Race For Preservation 5K

 Finished race number 5 on Saturday!  It was a great 5K running under the oak trees through an older part of the Savannah area. Next month it's kicking into high gear as I'm scheduled to complete 5 races with one being my first half marathon of the year. I have some serious training to do to be adequately prepared for that. Currently I'm dealing with some lower body muscular issues and my ankle is feeling sore, so we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"The Year of 40" Race Number 4 Complete: Armstrong Pirate Road Race 10K

Alright!  It's time to make another quick update on my "The Year of 40" running schedule. On Saturday, 2/13/16 I completed race number 4 at the Armstrong Pirate Road Race 10K in Savannah, GA. It was another cold morning (at least to me!) as the temperature at the start of the race was about 39 degrees. For the first 3 miles I was able to hold a pretty good pace (still off my PR pace from the week before) but then I had some issues with my calf muscles knotting up. Mile 4 was the struggle and then I was able to pick back up a little speed to finish things off.

This past week was a struggle training and recovery wise since my legs
were giving me issues. I had the knots in my calf muscles ever since the 10K run the previous Saturday. I managed to keep things at a manageable threshold for the most part through stretching, stick rolling, and then really trying to get deep into the muscles with a knotted foam roller. It is two weeks until race number 5, so the goal between now and then is to get my legs back to 100%.

So, the journey continues!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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"The Year of 40" Training Update: 2-10-16

Finally got a training run in this week!  I say finally because my legs had to recover from this past weekend. Here's a quick recap: I got a new pair of running shoes on Wednesday of last week (my first pair of Newton running shoes - great so far!), ran a 5K Friday night, and a 10K Saturday morning. I actually set a PR for the 10K time and was only 2 seconds off my PR per mile pace in the 5K. I fully believe that this was due in part to the new shoes and a few running tips I received from Georgia Game Changers when selecting them. Now here's the thing. What I picked up was a need to change slightly the way I stride and impact the ground with my lead foot and these particular shoes aid in creating a landing that does what I need which is to land on the front/ball of my foot first and under my hips rather than a leg extended heel-first strike.

Now  back to my need to recover. Changing my stride just that little bit put more emphasis on my calf muscles and since I hadn't been training for that as of yet they were really tight for a few days following the race. I of course have a rolling stick and a knotted foam roller, a.k.a. the rumble roller, which I used to help work out the tension and create some myofascial release. So today my legs felt pretty good and knowing I have a 10K coming up this weekend I wanted to get out and hit the pavement.  Due to my personal schedule this was the only morning I'd be able to run prior to the race, even though it was 30 degrees out!  But hey, when you have goals you have to go after it and not be derailed by external factors. I had to be smart though. I honestly wanted to go for about 6 miles, but once I got going I could feel my calf muscles starting to tighten up.  Instead of letting ego win and push myself, I backed off my intensity just a bit and completed a 3.02 mile run so I could get home and roll the muscles out.

I have a long way to go to complete my 40 races here in 2016 and that means I have to be smart about training and recovery. I don't want to burn my mind or my body out, so some days that means I'm going to have to put the ego to the side and do what's right.  This year is just another step along my personal journey to healthier living and making the most out of this life. I encourage you to do the same. No matter where you are right now, no matter the current state of your health, I challenge you to set a personal health & fitness goal.  Start with something to accomplish by the end of this year that will be a first step towards your larger goal. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, motivate you, and keep you accountable because they want you to succeed!

Recovery is also a huge part of training. That means not only physical recovery with proper stretching and rest but also proper nutrition. I'm currently in between shipments of my Beachbody Performance supplements, so today's recovery calls for Shakeology!  The new Cafe' Latte' to be precise. Re-fueling with superfoods without artificial ingredients and fillers is how I help keep my body healthy and performing at its best.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

"The Year of 40": 2016 Critz Tybee Run Fest - Races #2 And #3

This weekend marked the escalation of the intensity of my race schedule for "The Year of 40". I was able to check off races #2 and #3 between Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Critz Tybee Run Fest. I was able to run the 5k Friday evening where according to the official timing I was just
 off my PR pace.  7'27"/mile is my PR pace and I finished this 5k with a pace of 7'29"/mile.

Saturday morning was the 10k race.  Bright (sort of), early (7:00 AM start), and cold (feel like of 37 degrees at start time)!  Even having run the evening before, I was able to set a PR pace for a 10k distance at 7'57"/mile.

(Searchable results available HERE)

This particular race event is unique in that you are right off of the beach and get to enjoy the scenery and surroundings of a small beach community. Other than the colder temperatures, I think it was a great way to kick "The Year of 40" into high gear. Ultimately I chose to see the temperatures and the strong winds as challenges to overcome and opportunities to focus on giving my best effort. I'm completely satisfied with my performance and results. I even got to meet up with a friend who's gotten into running as well. It's always great when you can have people around you to share the experience and provide extra motivation. I'll also say that I fully believe that my PR times are in no small part to my new Newton running shoes which I just picked up this week (as well as some running tips that came in handy this weekend!) from one of our local running organizations called Georgia Game Changers. My stride felt more effortless and I really think my my running economy was much improved thanks to the design of the shoes on how the foot impacts the ground.

Whatever it was I'll take it and take my PR time happily!

"The Year of 40" will continue, so stay tuned!!