The Year of 40 Race Schedule

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Year Of 40: The Beginning

Have you ever missed an opportunity? What if you had seen it coming? Would you have done anything differently? Some opportunities occur only once. Such is the case with turning 40. Most may not view the year they turn 40 as an opportunity. In fact, it's the age associated with the infamous mid-life crisis and many perceive reaching this age as a negative. But, what if moving toward and beyond that milestone was turned into something that could be a positive and life-defining moment?

This is the question I shall face in 2016. It will be my 40th year of life - the year where too many feel that life is closer to being over than beginning. The age which seems to differentiate being a "young" man and getting "old". I have chosen to see this event as a chance to do something significant; that will forever stand out in my life. In my mind, turning 40 isn't a negative. If we are being intentional about taking care of ourselves, then we can view age as nothing more than a number that speaks to our time on this earth. It has no bearing on our ability to live vibrantly, passionately, and in continual pursuit of our own personal greatness.

So, how have I decided to do this?  What have I challenged myself to achieve in 2016 that will markedly define what turning 40 means to me?  How do I intend to make this upcoming year a highlight of the legacy I want to leave behind for my children - to inspire them and to show that their dad didn't want to be average, but wanted to do something great and in doing so made the attempt to set and pursue a truly challenging personal goal?

I have decided, with the full support of my amazing family, to set the goal of running and finishing 40 races in 2016.  I'm christening it "The Year of 40."  To some this may not seem to be too unattainable. For me however, this will be a true endeavor of perseverance and focus.  You see, I'm not a born runner. I struggle. As much as being fit and exercising regularly are a defining part of who I am, running is not a strength and has always been a challenge for me. I've run periodically over the past few years as a way of challenging myself and intentionally pushing myself outside of my fitness comfort zone. Most of what I've done has consisted of 5K races with a few obstacle course runs and two half-marathons (2011 and 2012) mixed in. I'm respectable with my time, but not fast. There's no doubt in my mind that to even pursue this goal will challenge me in a way that nothing else in my life has so far.  If we do not set goals for ourselves that push us beyond what we know we can do, then how will we ever find out just how much we're capable of? To do great things, we must be willing to fail in the process of attempting in order to fulfill the new and higher visions we have for our lives.

"Most people think greatness or being great is external to themselves, that it's something you acquire or add on. That is not true. Greatness is something that is unearthed and cultivated from within." - Lewis Howes

The "Year of 40" will begin in earnest on January 2nd with the Color Vibe 5K.  From there, my weekends will be pretty packed with having to average over three races a month! (Hopefully some, if not all of my family will be joining me for a few!) Fortunately, most will be local so no travel will be required - but there will likely be a few races that will require hitting the road regionally and an overnight stay. If you'd like to keep up with me during this journey, then check back here as I'll post updates while training and after events.  I'll also be sharing over on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, so follow me there to stay up to date!

So, in sharing this, I'm putting my goal out there publicly. Any support during this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

How can you help?

First and foremost, prayers from brothers and sisters in Christ would be the best and most important thing I could receive. Accomplishing this task will push me beyond my personal physical and mental abilities.

Second, it would be pretty amazing if any of you who are local to any of the races I'll be doing, would choose to run with me or come out and cheer me on as a spectator.

Third, though the physical and mental challenge of this journey will be the biggest obstacles to overcome, there will also be the challenge of meeting the entry costs and occasional travel and accommodation expenses associated with forty races! I'm not sure how it would work, or if it's possible, but if you know of any businesses or organizations that would be interested in sponsoring me for any race please have them contact me HERE.

Also, I'd like to be able to use this "grand adventure" as an opportunity to raise funds for non-profit organizations local to the Chatham and Effingham County areas. If you are affiliated with a non-profit in either of these locations and this is something your organization would be interested in, please contact me HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  It's my desire to not only do something epic and significant in my life to mark turning 40, but to also inspire others to doing something great in theirs. I challenge you to look for opportunities to live fully by pushing yourself outside of your lifestyle comfort zone, whatever that may look like for you.  Only you can determine that. I want to show you it's worth pursuing regardless of the final outcome. What legacy do you want to leave behind?  Do you want to have lived an average life reconciled to the general mundane day to day activities of getting by OR do you want to know that when your life comes to a close that you took chances and left your mark in a way that goes beyond the norm?  What are you going to do with the talents and abilities with which you were created? I'll leave you with the quote below from John Maxwell. I challenge you to be determined to lead your life, not accept it!

You can check out the race schedule HERE!