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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mighty Men - Connecting Through Faith, Family, and Fitness

Attention Christian Men Who Want Better Health!

I am building a community of Christian men who are focused on knowing Christ, loving/serving their family, and desiring to be their best in both areas through healthier living. We'll be talking other interests too; everything that men have in their lives such as sports, parenting, finances, leadership, marriage, living & leading with integrity - all coming back to the centeral elements of Faith-Family-Fitness.

To gain entry into this group an investment into your health must be made. The reality is that people value something more when they've had to make an investement in it; when they've put some "skin in the game" so to speak. Having made a financial commitment to be part of something means it's much more likely that a person will be engaged, participatory, and dedicated to seeing things through. Since fitness and nutrition will be the common connection, you will need to select your preferred fitness/nutrition pack available at

1) Complete your package purchase.
2) Send me a Facebook message at BeachbodyCoachJonathan OR e-mail me at that you have placed your order and would like to be part of this Facebook group.

King David had "Mighty Men" who came to his aid. They were there to support him, to build a trusted community around him, and to come along side him in times of need. And in that spirit, my hope is that these Mighty Men groups will be a place where Christian men can come together to build a trusted community that supports one another in life.  I'll be continually adding into this group, so you can join at any time!

*This invitation is open to members of my team only. If you are currently working with a Team Beachbody coach please contact them for information on any support groups they offer.
**For new members, your account setup will be part of your package purchase process. 

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