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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The "Year of 40" Race Number 29: Tunnel to Towers Savannah 5K

Got to run one of my personal favorite races, the local Tunnel to Towers Savannah 5K.  I make sure to try and do this one every year as it honors the heroes of 9/11 and our military & first responders who serve us today. Adding to the day was getting to share the experience with one of my kiddos. She even managed to shave 2 whole minutes off her time from this race last year, which incidently was her very first 5K!

Early morning pre-race Shakeology for some quality
but easily digestible nutrition.

Hanging out in Orleans Square waiting until it's
time to line up and run.

Awesome crowd for this race!

Just about ready to go!

Post-race breakfast at DD!

Monday, September 5, 2016

The "Year of 40" Race Number 28: Kisses for Catie 5K

Got to run a 5K held in my community for race number 28. Click here to see more about the Kisses For Catie organization.

Fortunately, the weather was right on for running and wasn't as hot and humid like more of the recent Summer races. I ended up running one of my personal best times and finishing third overall. 
What it looks like when your "friend" hopes to instill confidence in you for the race. 

Pre-race fueling.

Hanging out with my friend who was also race director for this run. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

"The Year of 40" Race Number 27: Brooklet 5K Peanut Run

I hit an area 5K for race number 27.  There was acutally quite a large field, over 300 runners, which I did not expect. The race started early at 7:00am which was awesome since the temperatures rise quickly in our area during the Summer. Managed a 3rd place age-group finish (40-44) when all was said and done. And by the way, I did this race basically fasted. The only thing I had before running was some water and a shot of my pre-workout ENERGIZE from the Beachbody Performance line.  Based on the distance, how you train, and condition your body, it's not always necessary to "fuel up" before a run.

"The Year of 40" Race Number 26: Tour de Ford 10-Miler

Completed race number 26 a couple of weeks ago. This was definitely a highlight race for "The Year of 40" so far. It was a 10 mile run through the exclusive Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill, GA.  Famous for being the vacation home of Henry Ford, it's now an upscale living community with some amazing river front views and beautiful, grand live oaks.  The course took us from the starting point in front of the Ford Mansion, out through the land bridge that went out and back into the river, through the living community, and finishing up with a final leg up the grass covered entry way back to the mansion. Weather wise it was a bit tough, as it heated up quickly and as is the case in south Georgia this time of year the humidity was high. I held out ok until mile 8 when my right calf cramped up and required a rest period of several minutes.  The final 2 miles were a combination of walking and "shuffle" running which of course totally derailed my time, but in the end I finished and did so standing on my own two feet!  It was still one of the most enjoyable runs I've had this year thanks to the uniqueness of the course/location. Plus, it was my first race in the 40 and above age division!